Down Time

I truly believe that children need down time. They lead such busy little lives nowadays. Many a mother will run from class to class exclaiming how exhausted they are, do they stop to think how shattered their little one is too?

On Saturday we had plans, drumming lesson, surf lifesaving, a possible trip to the beach, but I took great pleasure cancelling them all! The flower girls were having such a lovely play together at home, it was a joy to listen to them giggling and laughing and making up Tinkerbell stories. I pottered around the garden planting herbs, caught up with the mundane house chores and we all enjoyed our time at home, our time out from the crazy world of activities. I found the wild one at one point reading the atlas! If you know her you will know how incredible this is, she doesn’t usually sit still for a moment.

While on the subject of down time and the wild one, the other day we had a planned morning at home, I gave her a set of Russian Dolls to play with, these entertained her all morning, she built with them, she balanced them on top of each other, she spoke to them, she placed them in various corners of the house. Given the chance shes a technology girl, she loves nothing more than an ipad or a leapfrog tablet or your phone, she loves buttons and screens. I am not keen on this and i do limit this, i was so happy to hear her playing for hours with a toy so simple and old fashioned! Just as I had this thought she looked at me with her big brown eyes and said ” Can I play with an Ipad now Mama, I have been good all morning” and you know what I said yes! She had earn’t it!

Theres a time and place for everything and the girls love all the things we do, but I love to let them play at home and just ‘be’ sometimes. I will right off days more often it was lovely, and we were all in our PJ’s till lunch time, another bonus! .



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