Finding fun in everything

It must be amazing to find fun in everything, even the simple things, wind in your hair, bubbles in the bath tub, scooting to the school pick up.

I love the way she jumps when she is happy, up and down over and over again like a little Jack-in-the-box, I love the way she does star jumps in the kitchen, for no reason, every day. I love the way she can now joke aged just three, and is really funny with it too.

I love seeing her run down the beach, I love the fact she says thank you to the cars when they stop to let us cross the road, I love the way she wants to do everything ” On my rone! “

With all this energy and sparkle and character I am not saying its all a bowl of cherries, of course its not, she is strong willed and cheeky and she can test your patience. But anyone who can laugh most of the day and always has a glimmer of fun in those beautiful eyes makes my heart sing.

Never lose your sparkle, the world needs people like you, you make people laugh and you make people smile and you make dreary days fun!ImageImage



2 thoughts on “Finding fun in everything

  1. Did my comment appear? If not, go Lanta! The world does need your kind of people. Come and visit Olly – he is bouncy too! Xx

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