I really do hate Lego

I thought producing two girls I may have got out of the Lego phase. I hate it, even as a child I had no time for it. I don’t mind Duplo, the baby version. But I hate all the bits, all the fiddlyness of grown up Lego and for what? to make something that looks kind of like what its supposed to be but with lots of harsh edges and bits that fall off. Am I missing the point here?

Some blooming good businessman/woman in the Lego head office came up with a marketing strategy, lets make the girlie version, lets call in ‘friends’ lets make it about icecream carts and pony riding and fluffyness.

We went ‘up country’ as we like to say in these Cornish parts, the other week, you know, to educate our girls on England’s capital, give them a feel for the city, give them a taste of the real world, rather than the bubble of the small Cornish town that we live in. And what do we encounter; a massive marketing pitch of Lego.They painted their nails, they showed them a girly movie and they gave them a free taster pack. Then we had the birthday, a very good friend gave the Bluebell girl the pony Lego set. Her daughter loves Lego, and to be honest so does mine now. I have spent all morning building a jeep for the horsebox to be attached to, i feel stressed, there were bits flying everywhere and if I am honest I hated every Lego step of the way. I have told the husband he can build the horse box another day, I can’t face it, I really cant.

But on a happier note we took the girls to the theatre yesterday they donned their pretty party dresses and we saw Julia Donalsons version of Tiddler and other stories. It was amazing, singing, dancing, it was like street theatre. The girls love this author and know all the stories by heart so they appreciated it so much and were clapping along and singing and totally absorbed, and all for the same price as a Lego set…. hummmmmmm I say no more!




One thought on “I really do hate Lego

  1. After 16 years on and off, I admit my lego tolerance is at an all time low. I have stepped on it, jammed the hoover with it. It has blocked the loo ( a star wars lego creation no less) and the dog has even eaten and passed it. But….you have been spared train tracks all over the house.Count those blessings! This post made me chuckle xx

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