What you can do in just six year’s

Your childs birthday is a wonderful but strange thing. Without realising it you mull over the years, you wonder where the years have gone and you look at your little one, your very own wonderful creation and marvel in how they have changed and what they have achieved in such a short space of time, and lets be honest you also feel a tad too old yourself.

Yesterday the Bluebell girl turned six, I have had a week of baking cakes, planning games, fretting over games, should I shouldn’t I? We have had two parties, one for our friends and “Cornish” family, the other planned by the birthday girl herself. Since the age of three she has meticulously planned her birthday parties. We have built pirate ships out of bin bags and an awning from Argos! had colour co-ordinated food, streamers and balloons to match Tinkerbells dress. We have searched high and low for red and white Minnie Mouse partywear, when all the rage that year was pink! and this year we had to have a party with two separate locations. Rightly or wrongly,  I do embrace and indulge this habit of planning, I hate to say ‘no’ if its a fun thing and I love the fact from such an early age she has had this passion for planning. The sister, so far, hasn’t shown these tendencies. Who cares what colour the plates are, just bring out the party food and get this party started, seems more her ethos on life.

I am exhausted, but we have had a ball and created many memories, for her and us. I look at her little six year old face and I am filled with pride and love. I hold her six year old hand and its the best thing in the world to hold. I look into her eyes and I see a wonderful woman waiting to come into her own in a few years. My darling girl does sometimes carry the weight of the world on her little shoulders, she worries too much over small things. But she is honest and she is good and when she laughs she lights up a room.

In her six years she has learnt to read, write and swim. She has learnt to appreciate nature, and the seasons and knows a heck of a lot about flowers and herbs! She has nurtured her imagination and plays some fantastic games. She has learnt to be kind to animals and makes a mean pasta piselli ( pasta and peas ) She draws so well and her attention to detail means she has patience. But best of all she has made some great friends, once you have cracked her, she is loyal and understanding and nothing will ever come between her and her friends. Not bad for a mere six years eh?

ImageImageImageIMG_1707 IMG_1712 IMG_1706 IMG_1697


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