Going home

This week we went “home”

I haven’t lived at the place I will always call “home” since I was 17, but it will always be home.

Home is where we walk down the road and see family and friends unexpectedly.

Home is where we go out with friends we have known forever and it feels like we only saw them yesterday.

Home is where we laugh all day and all night long over nothing and everything with the people we love.

Home is where my children know my friends children even though they only meet once a year, because they know there is a deep connection.

Home is where they bake bread bigger than your head!

Home is where my children are happy, loved and spoiled.

Home is where the coffee tastes good and they make proper pizza and a good Indian.

Home is where a piece of my heart will always be, and home is where my best friend Em, always finds me.

I love Cornwall so much and I have friendships here that are worth there weight in gold, but I do love going back home for just a short time every now and again. I feel young again, because that’s where I grew up, its where I learnt to be me, its where I met my husband, and every road holds a memory from long ago. I cry at my father and friends graveside and I laugh with my family and friends that are still with us.

We came back to our Cornish home last night and hit the beautiful beach today, we saw our Cornish friends and had a wonderful time, the girls played in the sea and made friends on the beach. We are so lucky to have two “homes”, the old and the new.

IMG_1430 IMG_1433 IMG_1274 IMG_1221


3 thoughts on “Going home

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  2. Hey Lovely Lady, what a beautiful blog, you really inspire me you know and just wanted to say that, and that this post is so true, so totally true. We feel the same (altho our two homes are quite far apart!) Is amazing to love people and be loved wherever you are isn’t it? Well, sending you guys loads of hugs and hope we can come and visit your super sunny home one day, and the beach, sounds idyllic! (and a lot more pleasant than bogota!) Big love to the Vits xxx

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