And on Sunday they paddled in their pants!

So its the infants sports day tomorrow. I am nervous. I hope its fun. Sports day in my school was only fun if you “made the team” otherwise you were a “cheerer” I hope this doesn’t still happen in schools? I know in real life you cant always be picked, but school isn’t adult working life, its school, and sports day should be fun.

The Bluebell girl is concerned, she knocked over the pole for the high jump in yesterdays practise and she lost against four girls she was running against, so I let her into a little secret; shes like her Mum, shes a swimmer, a good swimmer and if she doesn’t win, it doesn’t matter to us, as long as she has had fun. But IF she feels a little sad about it I told her to look at the kids she’s raced against, and lost against, and know in her heart she could probably out swim them all! That made her smile and put a spring in her step. We all have talents, but she needs reminding what hers are every now and again.

Fleur got a splinter in her foot today, it had to come out, my little brave girl that has been through so much and has always put a brave face on completely lost it. The thought of having a needle near her skin sent her into hysterics, it was awful. We knew it had to come out, so we had to do it. Her sister couldn’t bear to hear her cry and announced she had to leave the room. But she didn’t stay away for long, she came back with a serious concerned face and special toys she normally doesn’t like her sibling to play with. Although the whole incident was heartbreaking, it warmed my heart to see the love of the sister. Just lately there have been a few squabbles, the first lot since the little one was born, so to see in times of distress the love is there and runs  deep pleased me.

On a happier note we have hit the beach a couple of times in the last few days, it has been lovely. We have hung out with some good friends and the kids have played, we watched the fancy dress surfers, they love a bit of fancy dress in our town, they don’t even need an excuse.

It was a bit chilly on one of the days so none of us had wetsuits for the kids, but at 4pm the sun came out and the tide was high and they couldn’t resist any longer, they stripped to their pants and they all ran in screaming and laughing together. It was so spur of the moment and the squeals of delight so genuine us Mums just sat there grinning from ear to ear, a moment in time I know I will always remember. There’s a saying about bottling the moment, that was one of mine. 

I love hanging out on the beach, its one of my favourite things. If I could do it every day I properly would. We are so lucky to live by the sea, even a pop into town can involve a spontaneous beach moment. The times my girls have walked home soaking wet and shoeless after a ‘paddle’ when we only popped out to buy a birthday card. Its a great existence.

So wish me luck in the mums race, I will be taking part, and I will have a big smile on my face. I am no runner, and I will be one of the last I would imagine, I also cant stand running, but I wont be letting that out of the bag tomorrow. But when I don’t get a first or a second or even a third I will bend down and whisper into the bluebells ear ” I can out swim them all! round the world…. AND back! ” ( this of course in the sporty area we live in is not the case for me nowadays, but that will be my secret!)


Catch Of The Day




Down Time

I truly believe that children need down time. They lead such busy little lives nowadays. Many a mother will run from class to class exclaiming how exhausted they are, do they stop to think how shattered their little one is too?

On Saturday we had plans, drumming lesson, surf lifesaving, a possible trip to the beach, but I took great pleasure cancelling them all! The flower girls were having such a lovely play together at home, it was a joy to listen to them giggling and laughing and making up Tinkerbell stories. I pottered around the garden planting herbs, caught up with the mundane house chores and we all enjoyed our time at home, our time out from the crazy world of activities. I found the wild one at one point reading the atlas! If you know her you will know how incredible this is, she doesn’t usually sit still for a moment.

While on the subject of down time and the wild one, the other day we had a planned morning at home, I gave her a set of Russian Dolls to play with, these entertained her all morning, she built with them, she balanced them on top of each other, she spoke to them, she placed them in various corners of the house. Given the chance shes a technology girl, she loves nothing more than an ipad or a leapfrog tablet or your phone, she loves buttons and screens. I am not keen on this and i do limit this, i was so happy to hear her playing for hours with a toy so simple and old fashioned! Just as I had this thought she looked at me with her big brown eyes and said ” Can I play with an Ipad now Mama, I have been good all morning” and you know what I said yes! She had earn’t it!

Theres a time and place for everything and the girls love all the things we do, but I love to let them play at home and just ‘be’ sometimes. I will right off days more often it was lovely, and we were all in our PJ’s till lunch time, another bonus! .


Finding fun in everything

It must be amazing to find fun in everything, even the simple things, wind in your hair, bubbles in the bath tub, scooting to the school pick up.

I love the way she jumps when she is happy, up and down over and over again like a little Jack-in-the-box, I love the way she does star jumps in the kitchen, for no reason, every day. I love the way she can now joke aged just three, and is really funny with it too.

I love seeing her run down the beach, I love the fact she says thank you to the cars when they stop to let us cross the road, I love the way she wants to do everything ” On my rone! “

With all this energy and sparkle and character I am not saying its all a bowl of cherries, of course its not, she is strong willed and cheeky and she can test your patience. But anyone who can laugh most of the day and always has a glimmer of fun in those beautiful eyes makes my heart sing.

Never lose your sparkle, the world needs people like you, you make people laugh and you make people smile and you make dreary days fun!ImageImage


I really do hate Lego

I thought producing two girls I may have got out of the Lego phase. I hate it, even as a child I had no time for it. I don’t mind Duplo, the baby version. But I hate all the bits, all the fiddlyness of grown up Lego and for what? to make something that looks kind of like what its supposed to be but with lots of harsh edges and bits that fall off. Am I missing the point here?

Some blooming good businessman/woman in the Lego head office came up with a marketing strategy, lets make the girlie version, lets call in ‘friends’ lets make it about icecream carts and pony riding and fluffyness.

We went ‘up country’ as we like to say in these Cornish parts, the other week, you know, to educate our girls on England’s capital, give them a feel for the city, give them a taste of the real world, rather than the bubble of the small Cornish town that we live in. And what do we encounter; a massive marketing pitch of Lego.They painted their nails, they showed them a girly movie and they gave them a free taster pack. Then we had the birthday, a very good friend gave the Bluebell girl the pony Lego set. Her daughter loves Lego, and to be honest so does mine now. I have spent all morning building a jeep for the horsebox to be attached to, i feel stressed, there were bits flying everywhere and if I am honest I hated every Lego step of the way. I have told the husband he can build the horse box another day, I can’t face it, I really cant.

But on a happier note we took the girls to the theatre yesterday they donned their pretty party dresses and we saw Julia Donalsons version of Tiddler and other stories. It was amazing, singing, dancing, it was like street theatre. The girls love this author and know all the stories by heart so they appreciated it so much and were clapping along and singing and totally absorbed, and all for the same price as a Lego set…. hummmmmmm I say no more!



What you can do in just six year’s

Your childs birthday is a wonderful but strange thing. Without realising it you mull over the years, you wonder where the years have gone and you look at your little one, your very own wonderful creation and marvel in how they have changed and what they have achieved in such a short space of time, and lets be honest you also feel a tad too old yourself.

Yesterday the Bluebell girl turned six, I have had a week of baking cakes, planning games, fretting over games, should I shouldn’t I? We have had two parties, one for our friends and “Cornish” family, the other planned by the birthday girl herself. Since the age of three she has meticulously planned her birthday parties. We have built pirate ships out of bin bags and an awning from Argos! had colour co-ordinated food, streamers and balloons to match Tinkerbells dress. We have searched high and low for red and white Minnie Mouse partywear, when all the rage that year was pink! and this year we had to have a party with two separate locations. Rightly or wrongly,  I do embrace and indulge this habit of planning, I hate to say ‘no’ if its a fun thing and I love the fact from such an early age she has had this passion for planning. The sister, so far, hasn’t shown these tendencies. Who cares what colour the plates are, just bring out the party food and get this party started, seems more her ethos on life.

I am exhausted, but we have had a ball and created many memories, for her and us. I look at her little six year old face and I am filled with pride and love. I hold her six year old hand and its the best thing in the world to hold. I look into her eyes and I see a wonderful woman waiting to come into her own in a few years. My darling girl does sometimes carry the weight of the world on her little shoulders, she worries too much over small things. But she is honest and she is good and when she laughs she lights up a room.

In her six years she has learnt to read, write and swim. She has learnt to appreciate nature, and the seasons and knows a heck of a lot about flowers and herbs! She has nurtured her imagination and plays some fantastic games. She has learnt to be kind to animals and makes a mean pasta piselli ( pasta and peas ) She draws so well and her attention to detail means she has patience. But best of all she has made some great friends, once you have cracked her, she is loyal and understanding and nothing will ever come between her and her friends. Not bad for a mere six years eh?

ImageImageImageIMG_1707 IMG_1712 IMG_1706 IMG_1697

Going home

This week we went “home”

I haven’t lived at the place I will always call “home” since I was 17, but it will always be home.

Home is where we walk down the road and see family and friends unexpectedly.

Home is where we go out with friends we have known forever and it feels like we only saw them yesterday.

Home is where we laugh all day and all night long over nothing and everything with the people we love.

Home is where my children know my friends children even though they only meet once a year, because they know there is a deep connection.

Home is where they bake bread bigger than your head!

Home is where my children are happy, loved and spoiled.

Home is where the coffee tastes good and they make proper pizza and a good Indian.

Home is where a piece of my heart will always be, and home is where my best friend Em, always finds me.

I love Cornwall so much and I have friendships here that are worth there weight in gold, but I do love going back home for just a short time every now and again. I feel young again, because that’s where I grew up, its where I learnt to be me, its where I met my husband, and every road holds a memory from long ago. I cry at my father and friends graveside and I laugh with my family and friends that are still with us.

We came back to our Cornish home last night and hit the beautiful beach today, we saw our Cornish friends and had a wonderful time, the girls played in the sea and made friends on the beach. We are so lucky to have two “homes”, the old and the new.

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