Lifes a Beach

You can let life pass you by or you can embrace it. Sometimes embracing isn’t always the easiest option. Last night I made a spur of the moment decision to treat the girls to a beach BBQ. I always claim to hate Wednesday’s, I run about on a Wednesday like a loony, juggling two swimming lessons, in two hours, with a bath, hair wash and school run in the middle. But the sun shone and as a treat for some fantastic swimming I said ” lets hit the beach!” it wasn’t the easiest thing to suggest, I then had to add in a shop and some preparation, but once these wild suggestions have been said there is no going back!

Cooking outside on the beach has be be the best thing ever, add in forbidden Dorritos and dip and beach treat squash and it becomes the best night ever, make it a late night because you are having so much fun, and its actually warmer than you think and hey presto, you are the best Mum in the world. So I went from a Wednesday hater to a Wednesday lover in one afternoon.

On the way home the girls dawdled not wanting the evening to ever end, we gazed at the banks of wild flowers ( not weeds as the hubby insisted) and took some photos. We found a fairy door in a porch way of a B&B, the girls were beside themselves with excitement and the little wild one found herself banging on their lounge window with delight telling them the news ( opps!)

It couldnt have been a better ending to the day, we still had sandy hair and feet to wash, it was way past bedtime, but sometimes I really don’t care for the ‘rules’. Last night was magical and yes it made today harder; sand all over the house, washing not done.. blah blah blah, but we have great memories!





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