A Mother lives and learns every single day

In the last three days we have been to two parties! in the last six days we have been to a wedding reception and three parties. The girls have had so much fun, they love the whole process, the excitement during the day knowing they are going to do something special and then the getting ready, choosing what to wear, writing the cards. And then there’s the orange squash! Tonight I learnt a lesson, the little one simply cannot cope with the squash. Today I felt the excitement of the party combined with the squash was just too much. She wasn’t terrible, but she wasn’t totally in control. She teetered on the edge, she nearly went over the edge possibly at times, and on the walk home, face paint smudged across her face she swung off a railing and shouted at the top of her voice ‘I am going to stay awake all night, all night long tonight! ‘ To be fair she is sound asleep snuggled in her bed, but that one sentence put the fear of God in me, no more squash…. for a long time!


The very moment she said those words……….


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