Songs on The Mount. St.Micheals Mount

As the four of us walked the ancient path to St.Michaels Mount in Cornwall I couldn’t let a good story pass me by. The wonders of having children is my fantasist mind has a captive audience. Long gone are the days I would wonder and ponder and get lost in my own stories and never share. ‘Imagine when the tide is high, mermaids swimming the wild Cornish seas finding a path, this very path, they would follow it wouldn’t they. There must be a mermaid entrance at sea level surely? ‘ and so the story started. My five year old loved this tale and instantly got caught up in it, the wild one just ran and ran stumbling on stones and slipping on freshly washed up seaweed. The difference of just two years I guess.

Today was a special day, the castle and gardens open to anyone, activities for children, music of all sorts on every corner.

It was a grey misty day and there was rain in the air for most of the day, i felt cold to my very core. We stood and watched the Cornish dancers, the little one is always transfixed by music, it seems to hold her. Then in the rain and wind we watched the punch and Judy show. Us parents shocked at the violence and behaviour of the puppets, the children, of all ages screaming with delight and laughter and loving every terrible joke and rude noise. I felt so very British, standing there despite the terrible weather, and actually enjoying myself.

I had forgotten just how gruelling the walk to the castle was, steep uneven pathways and so many steps. The girls little legs doing so much more work than ours. We heard choirs along the way and saw so many wild flowers, it was worth every step. The bluebell girl was in her element but it was a two man job stopping the wild one from hauling herself off the mount into the grey sea below.

The rain gave up when it was time to walk the amazing terraced gardens. We must have walked miles, up and down, little pathways, tiny stone steps, retracing our steps again to point out birds and flowers and find Smudgy The Snail, who had in fact smudged off by the time we went back.

We saw so many different friends today, some we expected to see, some were a lovely surprise, some were just polite hellos, some were big hugs and kisses. It was lovely, its incredible just how small Cornwall is, I feel whenever there is something going on I see everyone from all aspects of my life here! Wonderful.

Weary, very damp and cold, the girls were still uncomplaining and not asking to be carried. I was so very proud of my little hardy walkers, we allowed them a much deserved park break, even though all I wanted to do was to pop us all into a warm bubble bath!

A unsuspecting turn of events on the way home both asked for a sleepover at Granny’s house, so we were able to go out for a meal, Rickster and I, babysitter free!

I did decide to whip up some bread that I left to rise while we ate out, so at 10pm I was making pizza for tomorrows school pack lunch, and chocolate bread as a breakfast treat to take to Granny’s before the school run. I was pondering on my school French exchange many years ago. The mother of the girl I was staying with would make chocolate bread every morning before she went to work and we would eat it warm from the oven. I will never be that dedicated but while I was making the dough she popped into my mind so I made some and I know the girls will be delighted. ( I may zap it in the microwave to warm it up, they will be none the wiser! )


Take a photo of this button I found


At her happiest amongst the grasses and flowers


Thrilled to find these flowers




Pizza Strips for pack ups


So naughty, and yet such fun!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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