Secret gardens and baking bread

Today after playschool the little one and I went to what i call our secret garden. In the middle of our bustling seaside town is a beautiful garden, surrounded by trees and bushes, I am sure not everyone who passes through finds it. I love to sit here and listen to the birds, eat our picnic lunches without fear of a seagull attack and enjoy the peace. Thats what we did today, us three again, another school day for the older one.

When we got home I baked bread. Fleur helping, so excited, pouring and stirring. We left it to prove while we did the school run together and upon our return the first thing she did was run to see if our dough had grown. It had. The girls went up into our garden to cut some rosemary. We have a typical Cornish garden that’s on three levels, with steep granite steps leading up to each tier. The girls love scrambling up there, but my heart is in my mouth every time. To them its a big adventure collecting the herbs for cooking, it must seem a million miles away up there. We used rock salt, rosemary and garlic on our bread, and after their ballet class they munched on it while waiting for the pasta to cook. Today was a day of chilling and baking and eating. The sun shone and we smiled a lot. I loved today.



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