Acts of Kindness

The three of us alone on the empty beach again, Husband, Fleur and I, enjoying the sunshine. An elderly couple shuffle along, they stop at the far end of the rocks and look out to see, he then turns and walks over to the stone steps, he calls to his wife and she slowly walks over to him, she shakes her head, she cant sit down that low, she will never get up again! Something takes over me, I used to be quite shy, ten years ago i would never have done this. I sprung up and rushed over,” I have spare deckchairs in my beach hut” I shout, “I will get them for you!” They sat down in them and stared at the sea, he got up a few times and watched the lapping waves while she took photos of him doing so. He was lost in his own thoughts, I wondered what they were. I was so happy with my spontaneous act of kindness. The difference it made to them was they didn’t have to walk straight back to sit on the seats half way down the beach, they could enjoy my little end, the end that is often this time of year empty. My little one made them laugh with her football skills and she loved the attention and played up for them even more.  It put a spring in my step yesterday.We should all be kinder more often, have you seen the film Pay It Forward?


Us three: The Fleur, The Hubby and Me !


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