Tremenheere- A Cornish garden of dreams

For a few days I have had a vision. The vision was to load up the girls and the husband in the car with a picnic ( of course, it seems this is all I do at present) and spend the day in a beautiful garden, sketching flowers,  naming them, sitting in the sun and enjoying some peace and tranquillity. So today was the free day this mission was going to happen, I didn’t care that the husband awoke with a shocking hangover, I also didn’t care it was hammering down with rain. I got up at 7am, I made a picnic, and said in a braver voice than I was feeling, ” it doesn’t matter we have raincoats”

Due to the delicate nature of the husbands head he was quick to get on-line and find the nearest garden to our house he could and came up with “Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens” He also said the rain is passing and the sun will come out.

I can only describe this corner of Cornwall as a dream. Yes it helped that the sun was shining and the garden was just ours for most of the morning, but it was incredible. It was a place of two halves, an idealistic wood festooned with wild flowers and fallen trees, a stream, but more than that as there were modern bridges and raised walkways, little benches in sunny corners, sheltered from any winds. The other side is more structured, more graphical, cacti and bamboo’s, treehouses, a sky gazing room. I felt like I was in a version of the Eden project on a smaller scale and no crowds.

The flower girls had a lovely time we spent hours finding flowers, looking them up and then drawing them, Fleurs drawing skills have moved on in the last few months and the crazy scribbles have been replaced with proper drawings. The Bluebell girl was in her element, this is her kind of day. At present her school are studying flowers, plants and insects and she is thrilled with everyday she goes in, especially days when she gets to work with the school gardener. I thought this would be a nice extension to the school work we could do together, and the crazy one had fun too.


The little hand holding her signature flower


The woods


Drawing’s from today.


Drawings from today


Us four

We ate our lunch like a five course meal stopping every twenty minutes on yet another little bench to eat a bit more and ended up back at the cafe for a home made lemonade and a wedge of cake. As a last moment of fun to end the perfect day out the husband said ” okay we have one more special treat something you love to do that’s really fun! ‘ this was to be rolling down a massive grass bank, even though the grass was soaking wet, they would love it! I knew immediately what he was referring to, but the little one looked up at him her eyes shinning and said ” YIPEE!!!!!! we get to watch some TV! ” Can you believe kids sometimes?, and really is TV that special? Or do I forbid it too often in preference of playing and being outside and therefore its become the golden jackpot, the lottery win of childhood, I don’t know, however the rolling was good fun and Cbeebies was quickly forgotten.


2 thoughts on “Tremenheere- A Cornish garden of dreams

  1. This is gorgeous Jenny, I have been wanting to go here as my mum told me about it ages ago and I heard it had am now totally inspired thankyou for sharing that, those beautiful garden days are the most precious and magical with the little ones! We would love to see ya real soon too, love to you XXX

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