Empty Beaches

Today we hit our local beach, like true beach professionals my friend and I and our two little ones arrived at 9.30am. The beach looked stunning, really amazing the tide was going out leaving a smear of golden sand on the headland corner, the sun was shinning and the beach was empty. But it was freezing, the wind had a bite to it and we were wrapped up in our jumpers and our coats. The children had fun sliding down sand mounds on body boards and making sand castles and like crazy people we stayed put, with our picnics for FIVE hours!!! Us Mums having a gossip and a coffee and our toddlers toddling about! The crazy Fleur girl insisted on wearing her wet suit with bare legs for the large part of the day, she turned a light shade of blue, but refused all offers of a coat or jumper for hours ( a true Brit! ) and finally it was time for the school run so we packed up our things and left. I was exhausted and have wind burn on my cheeks and potential frost bite on my fingers! But we both looked at ‘our’ near empty beach and agreed today was a wonderful day and we are lucky to be here and part of it, and who needs warmth anyhow, its over-rated!IMG_0572


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