The first ‘lost’ tooth

There have been lots of giggles and excitement in our house this last week. The flower fairy’s ( my girls ) have been getting on so well. Fleur, the mischievous 3 year old, has a wonderful sense of humour and its catching, Bluebell her older sister comes across to most as quite a deep thoughtful studious type, but mixed with a certain character the Bluebell girl comes alive. This week we have heard giggles from the bedroom, hysteric’s at bath time and bordering craziness at bedtime.  Their eyes have been shining with love and excitement and my heart has been in turn filled with love and pride.

The Bluebell girl has had a wobbly tooth for weeks, this is the first one. She has been gagging for it to fall out, and tonight it did, hubby noticed the gap during supper, but it must have been swallowed as it was never found. At first poor little Bluebell was devastated, but Papa to the rescue with some soothing words and the bubble of excitement came back. She is a nature child and a fantasist, she loves fairies and mermaids, flowers and fairytales. Her games are incredible and her imagination runs wild. This is the moment I as her mother have been waiting for, this I can run with. I have been researching fairy doors ( the entry point to the bedroom of course, for weeks! ) and remembering all the things my Mum did for me when I was small. She will of course inherit the very same fairy I had had a girl ‘Twinkle teeth’, tonight she will receive the note rolled and tied with pink ribbon, the box to put the next tooth in so that doesn’t get lost, the door will magically appear in her bedroom tonight and a pound coin wrapped in silver foil ( its Twinkle teeths signature statement! She has been doing this for years! ) So my blog that was planned for tonight has been put on hold, because tonight was all about the laughter and the tooth. However the Fleur girl and i had a beautiful day and the Wild Garlic covering the grass verges on the side of the country lanes is so very pretty. Thats the vision of Cornwall I would like to leave with you tonight! !!


The silver tooth box and the wrapped coin


The fairy door!


Teeny tiny notes


tied with a pink ribbon!


The precious gap! Age 5 and 11 months


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