So the story begins

Well here I am, writing my first ever blog! ( well my first ever one about me, I have written blogs for work, but thats different, thats work)

I decided weeks ago i wanted to write a blog, its the 21century form of a diary isnt it? but a diary that the whole world can read, if they choose to! how strange and why oh why would anyone want to do this?

Well my story is this; I basically realised that I was using my facebook account to jot down my memories; funny things my children said and did, experiences that we have had as a family, etc etc. For the last year I have been mumbling to my husband, I must print out my whole last three years of facebooking, its my memories!! That sentence alone made me feel quite sad, and I decided blogging my life was the way forward.

So I sit here in my office in Cornwall. Upstairs are my two children,( hopefully asleep)  one is 3 years and 5 months and the other will be 6 in a few weeks. My 5 nearly six year old will definitely be asleep, my three year old, well who knows, she’s different from the other one, unpredictable and a bit wild.  Both are totally gorgeous and i love them to bits.

I really do love life, I have a great job, it allows me to work from home most of the time, and when I am on location my lovely Mum has my girls. This makes me happy and I feel like I am a stay at home Mum, but I actually do have my own business, its almost feels like a secret.

My hubby and I live in Cornwall that we have decided is the most beautiful place in the world ( for us anyway) if I look out of my window I can see the turquoise sea. I never fail to not appreciate this.

My life is focused on my kids, my mission is to give them the most rewarding childhood ever, the childhood dreams are made of. This is not about showering money on them or spoiling them rotten, its about bringing up children that will love life, enjoy life and appreciated this planet we live on. I hope that my girls will grow up to be women that will make (if not a very small) difference. I hope they will love and be loved, but most of all I hope they will have fun. Life has its up’s and it has its downs, but I can truly say that my life so far has been rich in experiences, its been really fun, and I have laughed….. a lot. Sometimes at the wrong things and at the wrong times, but that’s life too isn’t it?

I hope that blogs last the stretch of time, technology moves so fast doesn’t it?  A mere ten years ago, I travelled the world with my husband for almost a year, the internet was just really hitting off to the masses and internet cafes had sprung up everywhere, well nearly everywhere. I dutifully wrote a diary whenever I could, emailed it over to my Mum who in turn dutifully printed it off onto her BT telephone printer. Upon my return she gave me the copies, I was still so full of the memories of my trip, I didn’t need to re-read them then, but a few years later when I went too, the ink had faded and the paper curled and half my memories were lost. I couldn’t even tell you where those diaries entries are now.

I may print these blogs out once I really get going, as these memories are the ones I am building for my children, so that they know just how very cool their childhood was!

So enjoy my journey, we spend our days knocking around the beaches of Cornwall, we find wild flowers and look them in our little book, we draw and paint, all the time it seems, we have lots of impromptu picnics, even in the bitter cold depths of winter. We dance on the sand, we play music really really loud.  But we also (of course!) do the everyday things, the little playgroups, singing in the library, coffees out, and of course school; that’s another blog for another day!


So this is us, on a beach in the town we live in!


Just after one of our many winter picnics! Not bad for Feb eh ?


The flower girls! Filling my world with laughter


An afternoon at a stone circle, one of our special places in Cornwall


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